What’s your favorite color?

Red. No, blue! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Twenty fun points to you, if you get that reference.

No, but seriously, designers definitely have opinions on color. Some do everything in black, with hits of fire-engine red. Some stick with primary colors or with pastels. Some of don’t have favorite colors, but definitely do have least-favorite colors. (Mine is pink.)

Some of switch favorites with the trends, and some just never budge. I’m looking at you, purple people.

I’ve definitely gone through phases, but I will say that there are certain color combinations that I’ve always adored, and probably always will.

Brown and peach. Purple and chartreuse. Navy and white. But my all time favorite combo is charcoal gray and post-it-note yellow. I love that duo so much that I’ve got their hex codes memorized.

That’s right. Lennon and McCartney. Peanut butter and chocolate. Tom and Jerry. And #333333 and #FFFFCC.

Better together.