Ok. I write. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes …. urgh.

Writing for marketing purposes can be very different than other kinds of writing. You don’t want it to be too long. Or too short. You want to entertain, but not distract. You want to sound real. But professional. You want to answer the obvious questions and overcome the unheard objections. You always want to keep your eye on the prize, namely: “Visitor, Please Do This!”

That’s already a tall order. Now add in search engine optimization goals, and your copy can start to sound like something spewed out by a semi-coherent robot from the planet Glaxon.

Even though I’m not entirely convinced that “content is king” and that clear, literate writing produced by humans for humans will ultimately be rewarded with traffic, engagement and conversions, I do ever-so-dearly want it to be true. And for that reason, I try to make sure that my copywriting –whether a blog, a product explanation, or a simple call-to-action– is something that actual people can read and understand without wincing.